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Developing A Sustainable European Economy

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180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi

At 180 Degrees Consulting, our core missions are to give consulting services to non-profit social enterprises as well as to provide valuable work experience to motivated and dedicated students. Through our actions we give our partners the opportunity to expand their services and we also aim to train a new generation of leaders committed to shaping tomorrow’s world. We have over 80 branches across thirty-three countries and have successfully completed nearly two-thousand consulting projects.

Through this joint project together with BESA and Green Light for Business, we wanted to organize an event focusing on the very core values our association stands for: the idea of doing business with a social dimension. We believe the event will be a memorable experience for people to get to know more about the social impact of business and how sustainability and profit can coexist together.

Bocconi Economics Student Association

At the Bocconi Economics Student Association, we explore and analyse current events from a macroeconomic perspective. There are both a Research and a Management team in our association. The former produces pieces of written work that are published on a weekly basis while the latter organises our events. We carry out our analysis both internally and externally through news round tables (in which each member of our team has the chance to contribute to discussions about a variety of pieces of news) on the one hand and through news summaries and articles that members of the research team write each week on the other.

We believe the two key players of economic activity are the public and the private sector and in both, concern over sustainability has been steadily growing over the last few decades. Nowadays, almost all governments and major international corporations put sustainability at the centre of their strategy. It is in this context that we were pleased to cooperate with two other outstanding associations in organising this event.

Green Light for Business

Green Light for Business was founded on the belief that running a successful business and achieving environmental sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Engaging with sustainability issues is a key requirement for a modern business and with the public growing more conscious of the environmental impact their consumption is having, the focus of entire economies is shifting towards sustainable business practices. Green Light for Business aims to explore and drive forward this change by giving students and young professionals the opportunity to discover value generating opportunities related to sustainability in business.

Developing a sustainable economy is exactly what Green Light for Business is aiming towards. One of our central contributions to this is providing a platform to share knowledge on green business. Conferences, competitions, and workshops such as the event on the 12th of April are our primary methods of acting as this platform. This collaboration has provided an impetus to bring the message of sustainable business to an even wider audience, and we would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Bocconi Economics Students Association, 180 Degrees Consulting Bocconi, and The Market Mogul!



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