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Years of Membership: Fall 2013 - Spring 2018


Hometown: San Dona’ di Piave, Venice, Italy


Position upon Departure: President


Former Positions: Head of Research, Senior Researcher, Junior Researcher, Vice-President


My experience at BESA: "My name is Nicola Brussolo and I am a final-year student enrolled in the MSc in Finance. I joined BESA as a second-year bachelor student because I was looking for an additional way to develop my interest and passion for economics aside from classes. I always thought about the association as a dynamic reality which helps me grow both professionally and personally. I covered several roles over the years, having also the chance to be the President of the association during my last semester at university. I am firmly convinced that the set of skills I developed organizing the various activities in which BESA was involve enabled me to get used to taking on serious responsibilities and will be beneficial for my career. Regarding my future plans, I would like to keep on pursuing my interest for finance and start working in investment banking. In the past two years, I interned at Merrill Lynch and Barclays in their respective M&A country coverage teams and I will join the latter as a full-time analyst from September 2018. I have always been in love with sports, in particular with distance running. I competed as a track and field runner until my first year of MSc and, despite having stopped to run at competitive level in the last year due to the huge amount of time that working in investment banking requires, I still love to lace up my running shoes and log some kilometres on the streets during weekends."

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