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Years of Membership:  Fall 2014 - Spring 2017


Hometown: Barcelona, Spain


Position upon Departure: President


Former Positions: Vice-President, Head of Management,

Management Associate


My experience at BESA: "Looking back, joining BESA was definitely a highlight of my time at Bocconi. As a member during nearly 3 academic years, I was given the opportunity to help the association grow, and ultimately to lead it. What I remember most fondly are the people that I got to meet and work with. It's not easy to quantify how much my BESA experience has helped me regarding future opportunities, but what I can certainly confirm is that it has been crucial to demonstrate accountability, teamwork and leadership skills. All in all, if I was a Bocconi student again, I would join BESA without a doubt. The way I see it is: you will gain from the association as much as you personally give to it. So, give your best for the team and enjoy it!"

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