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Years of Membership:


Hometown: Rieti, Italy


Position upon Departure: Vice-President


Former Positions: Head of Management, Management Associate, Junior Researcher


My experience at BESA: "My name is Francesco Castellani and I am the former Vice President of BESA. As a "second-year CEMS MIM student, I am currently living in Stockholm where I am spending my CEMS exchange program and my last semester as a master student.

I started my journey at BESA as a research associate during my last year of bachelor. After having covered this position, I was happy to enter the Board by being promoted to Head of Management, which opened the way to my last role as Vice President. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of my experience at BESA is that it allowed me to broaden my perspectives. I truly loved being involved in thought-provoking discussions with other students like me who were curious to deepen their knowledge about any economy-related topic. While covering different positions I was able to get hands-on experience with tasks like article writing, team management, and event organization. I faced challenges and learned how to overcome them with the help of my team members, who were always ready to help each other and contribute to the success of the Association.

Having been at BESA for three years, I was lucky enough to witness its steady growth as a student association. Today BESA represents a reference point for Bocconi students who are interested in sharing their perspectives about the real economy and everything that affects it."

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