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Hometown: Durres, Albania 


Education: BSc Economics & Management (BIEM) at Bocconi University


Current Position: Co-President, Board Member


Former Positions: Management Associate, Head of Management 


About me: "There are two types of love, the first sight one and the one that takes time. I came in Bocconi knowing I loved Management, but thinking of Economics as a purely quantitative matter whose only purpose was to teach me these type of skills. When I joined BESA, I started understanding what Economics really is, every meeting gave me a new perspective on the world and influenced me to think not only of new subjects, but in new ways. So, BESA for me represents the place where my understanding and love of Economics was not only born, but also developed. My interest include International Economics, Politics, Human Rights and Social Investment and my current position allows me to not only contribute toward the continuous and stable growth of the association, but also to spread our members’ passions on campus."

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