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Inside the Business Journalism Industry

Time : 18h00-19h30

Location: Aula N12


Interested in Journalism? What does it mean to work in the business news industry? How is technology shaping this competitive industry?

Bocconi Economics Student Association would like to invite you to the event “Inside the Business Journalism Industry” to get an insider’s perspective on how the digital era is reshaping the traditional business news industry. Join our discussion with speakers from 3 of the most prominent economic news sources in journalism – Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News.

Our guest speakers include:
• Eric Sylvers (Staff Reporter at Wallstreet Journal),
• Rachel Sanderson (Correspondent at Financial Times)
• Dan Liefgreen (Bureau Chief at Bloomberg News)
• Moderated by Bocconi Professor Carlo Altomonte

This is an opportunity to discuss modern-day media evolutions, how digitalization is changing this profession and the emergence of alternative media outlets. Join us on the 28th and come with any questions you may have about this industry for a dynamic debate!


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