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Behavioural Finance: Theory & Practice

Prof. Nicola Gennaioli & Prof. Andrea Beltratti

Time : 17h45 - 19h30

Location: Aula 33

The focus of our event will be on an exciting and upcoming field in economics - Behavioural Finance. Behavioural Finance is the result of a recent clash between disciplines of Psychology and Finance, in our modern world. The main guests will be Prof. Nicola Gennaioli and Prof. Andrea Beltratti.

We have structured the event into two clear segments: 

1) Theoretics: With a PhD in Economics from Harvard University, Prof. Nicola Gennaioli will start us off with a rudimentary introduction to Behavioural Finance. As an expert in this field, Prof. Gennaioli’s credibility is clear through his past collaboration with well-known Economists, such as Andrei Shleifer.  

2) Application: To bring us through the real world application of Behavioural Finance, we are fortunate enough to have Prof. Andrea Beltratti. Apart from attaining a PhD in Economics from Yale University, Prof. Beltratti was also the former Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo and is currently the Chairman of Eurizon Capital.

After the presentations, we will conclude with a Q&A Session and open room for further questions. There will also be the possibility to join the association for an aperitivo following the event. 
The Bocconi Economics Student Association looks forward to seeing your all for what is going to be an outstanding evening!

LocationBocconi University, Room 33 (Leoni Building - 3rd Floor)

Guest Speakers:
Prof. Beltratti (Bocconi University)
Prof. Gennaioli (Bocconi University)

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